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Deep Water Structure Jigs

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Best of both worlds! The unique head design of the Mr B Deep Water Structure jig brings multiple presentations together. Hop this jig off the bottom like a spoon, slither it through trees and brush or flip it into heavy cover. The Stand-Up style of the head is perfectly adapted to fishing on the bottom, while the angular head shape allows it to come through wood like a pro. The jig’s weight forward design will pull it down through the thickest of cover and the Stiff Weedguard will keep it from getting hung up. At the core is a 5/0 Owner Deep Throat hook that penetrates deep into the roof of the mouth and keeps trailers from sliding down. Hand-Tied skirts, Baked on Powder paint and Clear-coated heads are built to last. Large 3-D eyes on some models give a true to life appearance.