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The Slither

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If a Weedless Bladed Jig is what you have been looking for, then look no further!  “The Slither” is built around a free-swinging 4/0 Owner Beast Hook with Centering Pin connected by a wire twist loop for superior strength.  Rig it weedless with your favorite trailer and toss it into the thickest cover.  The positioning of the blade in front of the head gives it the perfect “Rock and Slither” that drives big bass wild. The Hook is connected by a solid Stainless Steel Wire twist-loop that will never fail.  The Hand-Tied skirt will keep your custom color pattern where It’s supposed to be and not spin around the collar or slide down the hook.  No rubber collar to rot away or push your skirt into an unnatural position.  Baked-on Powder Paint with an additional Glitter Clear-Coat over the 3-D Eyes makes for a super durable head and a very natural appearance.  Put your Bladed Jig where it has never been able to go before…Get The Slither!

**Plastic Trailer Not Included**