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Arkie Jigs

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The Arkie Head is one of the best All-Purpose jig heads ever made. Built around Owner’s Deep-Throat hook, the Mr B Arkie jig is a workhorse. It can be used in all types of cover and structure. The Hand-Tied skirt will never move, so your custom color skirt will stay put. No rubber collar to rot away and let your skirt strands pull out. The baked-on Powder Painted head will last. The Mr B Arkie Jig has a Stiff Weedguard to help it get through the thick stuff. The special angled-bend of the Owner Deep-Throat hook does a great job of keeping your trailer in place and won’t let it slide down the hook. Tie on a Mr B Arkie jig and let it do the work. 

5/0 Hook in the 3/8 & 1/2 oz models and 4/0 Hook in the 1/4 oz.