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Why “Hand-Tied”?

There are many reasons why fishermen prefer Hand-Tied Skirts.

  • Mr B Lure Co creates its skirt patterns to have a top, bottom, and sides.  Those color patterns need to stay put and Hand-Tying is the way to accomplish this.
  • Rubber Collars will rot away over time.  Mr B Lure Co ties with Kevlar Thread and it will outlast the life of any jig or skirt.
  • Rubber Collars allow skirt strands to pull out, in addition to the skirt rotating around the collar, leaving your skirt thin and out of place.
  • A Hand-Tied Skirt will not slide down the hook when a bait is slapped on the water to clear weeds or on a hard hook-set.
  • Unlike Rubber Collars and Wire wraps, Hand-Tied Kevlar thread is super thin in diameter so each wrap goes on top of the previous wrap which allows for a much narrower collar and better flair of the skirt, instead of pushing the shirt up toward the head and down toward the hook like collars and wire wrap do.