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About Us

Mr B Lure Company has been making Hand-Crafted, Hand-Tied baits in Northern California for over 25 years. We are dedicated to making Superior baits for Tournament & Weekend Anglers. All components on our baits are top of the line. We strive to make sure that all hook eyes are clear of paint so that your baits are ready to tie on, right out of the package. We use only the best, strongest hooks on the market, Owner, and Gamakatsu so you will never have to sharpen a hook on a brand-new bait and they will stay sharp longer. Skirt patterns and placement are key to most of our baits and keeping them in place is why we take the time to hand-tie each and every bait with Kevlar thread so they will stay in place. You will never see us use a rubber collar which can rot, rotate, slide down and lose skirt strands. Kevlar thread keeps the wraps super narrow which aids in a much better flair of the skirt and does not push it up toward the head or down toward the hook, which wider, rubber collars and wire wraps do.
We hope to make you a better fisherman by giving you to best tools in the trade.

Thanks for choosing Mr B Lure Company,
-Brent Schneider