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Heavy Duty Football Jigs

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The Football Jig is one of the most effective designs ever created for rock structure. Its oblong shape allows it to “walk” over and around rock, clay, sandstone and other hard bottoms. This Heavy-Duty model is built around the awesome 60° Owner Deep-Throat Hook. It is meant for Big Bass. This Beast of a hook with handle any size Hawg you tangle with. Everything is Heavy Duty on this bad boy, including the Stiff Weedguard to help deflect wood and other obstructions. The Hand-Tied skirt will not pull down, rotate or have strands pull out. The Baked-on Powder paint is very chip resistant and is there for the long haul. The special angled-bend of the Owner Deep-Throat hook does a great job of keeping your trailer in place and won’t let it slide down the hook.

5/0 Hook in the 3/8 & 1/2 oz models and 4/0 Hook in the 1/4 oz.