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Puffball Jigs

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The Mr B Puffball Jig is the ultimate in finesse but still offers a big bass what it wants…a tasty crawdad. A super sticky 2/0, Owner Deep-Throat Hook is surrounded by a hand-tied masterpiece the fish just can’t resist. Owners special angled-bend of the Deep-Throat hook does a great job of keeping your trailer in place and won’t let it slide down the hook. This is a Smallmouth and Spot killer but the Largemouth love it too. Combination of Large, Round, Living-Rubber and Silicone, the Puffball has a delicate and subtle appearance that drives the fish wild. We use a softer, Medium-Stiffness Weedguard on this jig so that light line and deep-water hooksets are a breeze. The Powder Painted head has been fully baked and is super chip resistant.