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Swim Heads (3-Pack)

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These Custom Swim Heads are Awesome! The Owner Deep-Throat hook is not only super sharp and strong but the unique bend of the hook helps keep your Trailer of choice, in place and will not slide down. There is also a barbed bait keeper built into the collar of the head. These heads are durable and super realistic due to the Multi-layered head and 3-D eyes. Baked-On Power paint covered by a durable Clear-Coat gives depth and a natural appearance to these beautiful heads. Tie one on with your favorite Paddle-Tail style bait and hold on!
1/4 oz has 2/0 Hook. 3/8 oz has 4/0 Hook. 1/2, 3/4 & 1oz has 5/0 Hook.

** 3/4 & 1oz sizes come with (3) Clear Weedguards that can be glued in.  Available in Blue Ghost Shad and Shad colors only. **