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Double Buzzbait

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Built around a super sharp, super strong Owner hook¸ this is the Ultimate Buzzbait.  The dual Blades bring the bait to the surface extremely fast and the inward churning, counter-rotating blades make the perfect plopping sound by popping bubbles inward on themselves instead of kicking the water outward like most double buzzbaits.  This also creates a great bubble trail behind the bait.  The dual blades have a tremendous lift and allow the bait to creep along slowly, keeping it in the strike zone longer.  The blades are tuned so that they slightly hit each other creating a clacking noise.  This can be eliminated or increased just by bending the arms in or outward.  The Nose Cone in front of each blade helps keep weeds from fowling the blades and the rivet behind the blade is crimped to the wire arm to create more noise against the blade.  The Baked-On Power Painted head is very durable and the Hand-Tied Skirt will keep your color patterns in place and not spin around the collar or slide down the hook like a rubber skirt collar will.  Tie one of these on and watch the surface explode!