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F-Series Weedless Buzzer

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 Need a Buzzbait that can come through anything?  Here it is...the F-Series Weedless Buzzer from Mr B Lure Company.  Great for Paddletail Swimbaits or Buzz-Style Frogs. Built around the awesome Owner Beast Hook, this Buzzbait it a fish hooking machine.  Up front is a weedless nose-cone to keep the blade spinning freely.  The rivet is crimped to create more friction for better squeak and squeal.  The hook has the perfect amount of set back from the blade to keep your bait in the water and allow the fish to inhale it better.  The small amount of weight on the hook helps it "keel" and keeps it from flipping over during the retrieve.  Owner's Centering Pin bait keeper will hold your bait securely and keep it from sliding down the hook. The Extra Wide Gap and design of the Beast Hook allows Large trailers to be used and increases your hook up percentage.   We have used a solid wire-twist to connect the hook *No Split Rings here*.  The F-3 Model has a Medium Blade and 4/0 Beast Hook.  Perfect for 3.8 to 4.8 Baits.  The F-5 has a Large Blade and 6/0 Beast Hook.  Just right for 4.8 to 5.8 baits.                              ** Plastic Trailer Not included**